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is a global macro trading newsletter written daily by Neil Azous. With two decades of institutional experience across asset classes Neil interprets the day-to-day economic, policy, strategy & technical developments and provides actionable trading ideas for investors. Learn More

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Rareview Macro extrapolates what drivers are moving the global markets on a daily basis in the most concise and comprehensive deliverable.

— Jason Roney, Principal of Bluegrass Capital Management

A singular goal to achieve inspired results through an unconventional and contrarian thought process. Rareview Macro provides clarity around short-term expectations while maintaining focus on the pursuit of long-range goals. They educate and proactively communicate delivering a service that seeks insights into tomorrow’s headlines before they are discounted in today’s prices.

— Philippe Peress, Founder & CIO of Harness Investment Group SA

Rareview Macro’s Sight Beyond Sight provides essential nutrients for every Global Macro Trader’s breakfast. Neil Azous adeptly combines quantitative aspects of the market, such as his Risk-Adjusted Return Monitor, with cutting-edge macro insight from around the globe that is instructive and actionable. Sight Beyond Sight is the Gold Standard of all market newsletters.

— John Netto, President of M3 Capital and author of "The Global Macro Edge"